EZ-sensor® coverage list 02/2015
Notice: This list indicates if the original sensors can be replaced by the Schrader EZ-sensor®.
To program the EZ-sensor®, a programming tool needs to be used. Each programming tool has its own EZ-sensor®  coverage list which does not necessarily have to be identical with the Schrader coverage. Please refer to the coverage list of your programming tool manufacturer.

European Market Euroguide - 03/2015
In this section you will find the latest version of the Schrader Euroguide. The Euroguide is a technical support for your team to have the latest OE sensors coverage of Schrader International GmbH.
In the next updates and versions of this Euroguide, you will find the newest sensor coverage.

List of correspondences between old / new Schrader reference numbers
Old/New sensors reference matching.

EZ-sensor Brochure
In this section you can download the latest EZ-sensor brochure of Schrader international.
You find here all the information you need about the EZ-sensor and how it can enhance your TPMS activity.

Corporate Brochure 2014
Corporate Brochure 2014

Product Pictures
Download here our product pictures.

Sensor description for after market
Description of the different sensors available for after market.

EZ-sensor Programming Tools
Overview of some available programming tools for EZ-sensor.
Content can change. Please contact the programming tools manufacturers for more information.

Service kits for OE sensors and EZ-sensor®.
Overview of the different kind of service kits available for OE sensors and EZ-sensor®.

TPMS Maintenance Tools Overview
Description of the different maintenance tools available for TPMS.

Did you know?
Tires safety and TPMS end-consumers information.